Book Tour: The Magnificent Mrs Mayhew by Milly Johnson

If you’re reading this review, you’re either a massive Milly Johnson fan; keen to find out what her latest novel is about or, perhaps you’ve been living in a cave and you’re thinking this will be the book to awaken you back to the world of books and the outside world. The good thing is, this book is perfect for you all!

Mrs Mayhew – Sophie – is stuck in a rut, she’s the wife of a politician; John, who is keen to be prime minister. His family and even more shockingly, her family too, are obsessed with John’s career and pay little attention to Sophie, other than seeing her as an important accessory to his success. Sophie is beginning to feel trapped in a loveless marriage.

When the press get hold of a very damaging story about John, the family assume Sophie will play her part and be the dutiful, pretty ‘object’ she’s become, but Sophie has a choice. This is her time to decide.

*key the music* 🎵 Should I Stay or Should I Go 🎵

Johnson magnificently writes the moments when Sophie cracks off her outer shell and lets her true self out, there are plenty of fist pump moments and you feel like getting out cheerleader pom poms, as you cheer along to every ‘me’ moment Sophie has.

Talking of pom poms; now needing some time out to reflect on her future, Sophie decides to revisit Little Loste, a small coastal village in Yorkshire which held so many precious and happy moments from one summer in her childhood. As she’s on the front cover of every newspaper, Sophie decides to go undercover with new hair, a french accent and under her childhood nickname – Pom.

Little Loste and the wonderful people that live there, breathe life back into Sophie and remind her that love, friendship and happiness should be part of every day life.

Milly has an incredible knack of creating the perfect characters for all her stories, and she’s outdone herself again with a cast that bring such key moments of advice and perspective – both good and bad, to bring the story alive.

Elliot ‘Ells Bells’; the dishy local vicar, Luke; Elliot’s ADORABLE son, and Tracey; Elliot’s sister and saviour to Sophie on her first day – all bring so much good energy and warmth to this plot! Sitting in Elliot’s kitchen and having a roast dinner or some pasta sounded like HEAVEN… I’ll be dreaming about the food for a long time!

With a prom dress disaster becoming evident, Sophie sweeps in to save the day and sparks her passion of sewing and creating clothes again. Ideas begin to fly around in her head of how her life could be, but she knows she needs to face the music soon with John…

What will Sophie do?

I enjoyed every chapter of this plot and felt it had a different feel to the three recent books I’ve read by Milly. I found the story enlightening and was particularly intrigued by all the drama that surrounded the politicians, ego central or what?! It was all highly amusing whilst also ‘eye-rollingly’ disappointing that the men can be so childish and cruel, all for the sake of their career.

In summary, it’s a feel good story that is RICH in friendship, love and GOOD FOOD. It’s easy to devour in one or two sittings, and will fill you with happiness as you watch Sophie become the strong woman she’s destined to be!

The Magnificent Mrs Mayhew is out NOW in hardback and eBook through Simon & Schuster. If you want to find out more about the book, why not check out the other stops on the Blog Tour?

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Massive, and I mean MASSIVE thanks to Annabelle over at EDPR for organising the tour! I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful signed hardback that you provided me, along with a customised bookmark and sewing kit!

Until next time, Chloé x

P.S. I’m sure you all know it already but just in case you don’t, Milly has her own website: which is GREAT for checking out all of her books in one place and just a wonderful and colourful place to go spend a few minutes on!


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