You Let Me In by Lucy Clarke

This is the first book I’ve read by Clarke and now I’m wondering why I haven’t read any of her others – her psychological game is strong!

The book is told from two perspectives: the main is from Elle’s viewpoint – the owner of a gorgeous cliff house in Cornwall, the other is told from the stranger who stayed in her house when Elle had it on airbnb. Each time I read a snapshot from the stranger, the hairs on the back of my neck would stand up, the build up just kept gaining momentum and as their storyline drew closer to Elle’s return, I was desperate to know who it was and what they wanted from Elle.

From the very start it’s clear that Elle has the type of personality that is easily spooked, over cautious and given the fact, she’s suffering from insomnia, it’s not surprising that she’s instantly aware something isn’t quite right in her house. When she tries to voice her concerns to her family, they laugh it off and blame her paranoia; and this played on me too – was it all in her head or was it really happening?

As a thriller author by trade, Elle lets the divide between real and fictional become muddy, allowing her to vividly describe the feelings and actions felt by her characters but also leaving her own thoughts heightened when she stops typing.

I loved how Clarke explored Elle’s writing and the effect it had on her, it cast suspicion on her sanity whilst also engrossing you further into discovering the truth.

Elle’s past could provide further answers – her estranged husband and her short time at university provide depth to her story, and left me wondering how it was all going to piece together.

Clarke’s writing style is compelling, dark and flows with a fast tempo – there isn’t much time for distractions when you read this book!

The plot is cleverly stitched together bringing the past and the present; the stranger and Elle, and all the truths and the lies to the forefront to maximum effect.

Masterfully created, oozing with suspense and an array of background characters that’ll keep you guessing, this is a story to be devoured quickly!

You Let Me In is out NOW in paperback and eBook versions through Harper Collins.

Until next time, Chloé x


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