The Truths and Triumphs of Grace Atherton by Anstey Harris

This book is packed full of charm and immediately captures your attention. Grace has been in a long term relationship with David, to her, he is her world. To the reader, all we can do is sigh and know the power of love and how blind it is. When David performs a heroic act on one of their romantic weekends, it’s like a catalyst has been thrown into their lives, suddenly everything begins to change.

Grace is the owner of a violin shop, where she sells, repairs and builds the most incredible string instruments. She was born with musical talent but sadly she now plays only when she’s on her own.

Nadia, who works in the shop on Saturdays; as she’s busy in school in the week, begins to turn up at the shop at all hours. It’s clear something horrible is going on in her own personal life but rather than confide in Grace (and since Grace doesn’t push), she becomes set on creating a symphony and wants Grace to play her cello alongside her. Grace is filled with fear, but another person is there to provide her with strength, Mr Williams – and what a charming, sweet man he is.

Grace has been working on a very special cello for a prestigious competition but with the turbulence going on in her head, doubt fills her. Will she enter her cello?

This plot sweeps you up and takes you on the most incredible journey with some wonderful, unforgettable characters. Like a piece of music, there are high notes and low notes, but together they create a story that is both powerful and moving. It’s very hard not to read this book in one sitting, as the chapters are so well put together and always leave you wanting more.

The main characters are the perfect blend of spices – packed full of punch and bringing warmth to every page. Mr Williams’ wise presence allows both Grace and Nadia to reflect, rebuild and unlock their true passion – it would be difficult to not be left inspired by their journey. Grace’s path has more bumps, more crossroads and a steeper hill to overcome, but the Grace you leave on the final page is a woman you admire and begin to miss terribly after the final fullstop.

I bought this book because my blogger chums had raved about it and I’m so glad I listened to them, another masterpiece to add to my collection!

Fans of Catherine Isaac, Libby Page, Sarah Morgan, Jojo Moyes, Dawn French, Joanna Cannon and Gail Honeyman are likely to fall madly in love with this story.

The Truths and Triumphs of Grace Atherton is out now in hardback and eBook by Simon & Schuster.

Until next time, Chloé x



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