The Rumour by Lesley Kara

Joanna has settled back into suburban life, she’s pleased with her decision, she wants her son; Alfie, to be happy and safe. Yes it’s a sacrifice to be taking Alfie away from his father, but since he’s hardly ever in one place for a long time due to his job, Joanna knows that stability is more important. Plus Joanna is now near by to her mum, who Alfie adores.

Then the rumours start. Apparently a child killer is living in the town. Who could it be? How long have they been here? Are the children safe?

Joanna finds herself sucked not the gossip as she desperately tries to make friends and bond with the other mothers, her original motive is to get Alfie invited to kids’ parties but soon she finds herself trapped in the web of speculation and lies, which seem to be spreading at an exponential rate.

And then it starts. Someone is targeting Joanna by playing cruel tricks that mess with her mind, and the suspense begins to build. The rumour is bringing out the very worst in certain individuals and, the safety and warmth that the town usually radiates out, seems to be fading away.

Alfie’s father; Michael, has taken an interest in the rumour, as a journalist, his curiosity has been piqued and he’s keen to get to the bottom of it all, can he figure out if a killer is really among them?

With Michael on the scene, Joanna’s emotions are in turmoil, will Michael finally settle down with them or is he just playing happy families because he is after the next scoop.

This is the perfect thriller to keep you guessing throughout the book as it is packed with a range of suspicious characters, extremely fast paced and if you take it on holiday with you, make sure you apply your suncream first otherwise you will end up quite burnt… it’s an absorbing page turner!

The Rumour is out now in hardback and eBook versions by Bantam Press.

Until next time, Chloé x





      1. I thought you described the book in the end very well. But I understand, some of my reviews have been a struggle to write and I have got positive comments when I didn’t think it was brilliantly written. 🙂


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