The Moon Sister by Lucinda Riley

We’re back with The Seven Sisters series – hooray! This is the fifth book and follows Tiggy’s search to discover her biological roots.

We begin in Scotland with Tiggy looking after four wild cats on the Kinnaird Estate. The estate owner – Charlie – has only recently inherited it and is struggling to keep the estate a float, particularly with his wife’s extravagant renovations. The estate has been opened up to billionaires during the festive holidays to churn up some revenue but the limited staff are left struggling to juggle all of the demands. Tiggy is on hand to help by getting involved in all the day to day activities on the estate which include: someone visiting Chilly; an elderly gypsy, to provide him with warm food, and serving and entertaining Zed – the billionaire guest. Both Zed and Chilly try to guide Tiggy of what her next steps in her life should be, but only one has a kind heart and wants what’s best for her.

A fateful night pushes Tiggy to make a decision.

Meanwhile, the past is unraveling it’s own story, we start with Maria – Tiggy’s great grandmother, who lives in Sacromonte with her family. Her daughter; Lucia, looks set to be a great flamenco dancer but will Maria’s husband; José, guide her down the right path or will his draw to the booze take over?

Lucinda has outdone herself yet again, by creating a beautiful, sweeping story that spans over multi generations of the same family and weaves itself into history with such fluidity, that fact and fiction merge into one. I always feel that Lucinda’s writing has a magical effect on readers, it pulls you in and absorbs you fully into the story. There are always so many little details that Lucinda adds to her plots, making her novels shine and leave an imprint on you.

I was really looking forward to Tiggy’s story as her love for animals is something we have in common, and it did not disappoint. Whilst the Spanish parts of the book filled me with warmth and passion, the Scottish parts were my favourite. I loved the nature, the people and of course – the animals!

For those who have been following this series too, you’ll probably have the same reaction as me when Zed is first mentioned – what’s he doing back in the plot? Lucinda has definitely raised the ante of our discovery to finding out the truth of Pa Salt’s disappearance, although she was an utter tease, she led Tiggy (and us!) close to finding out something and then pulled us away!!!! All I can say is, I’m very excited for the next book!

Words can never suffice my love for this series, so I’ll leave the writing to Lucinda and carry on reading!

The Moon Sister is out now in Hardback and eBook versions by Pan Macmillan.

Are you a fan of this series? Do let me know – I don’t think I’ve loved a series this much since Harry Potter, albeit this is completely different!

Are you thinking this book might be for you but you’d like to know more about the series? Check out my reviews of the previous books:

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Until next time, Chloé x



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