Blog Tour: Palm Beach Finland by Antti Tuomainen

They were just sent around to scare her. Except it went wrong. Now someone’s dead. But it’s a man, not a woman.

The local police don’t know the dead man, he’s not from around here and they don’t understand why this stranger has been brutally murdered in Olivia’s house. And so the case gets raised to the National Central Police.

Nyman finds himself leaving the city and going undercover as a maths teacher at Palm Beach Finland resort, next door to Olivia’s home.

But he’s not the only one who wants to discover the truth.

Another man has arrived undercover. He’s a criminal. He wants revenge. He wants to find the men that killed his brother.

Who will discover the truth first?

Meanwhile the amateurs who accidentally killed the man have to report back to their boss. He’s not happy with them. They still haven’t completed their job. They need to scare Olivia out of her home for good. Or else their boss will out them to the police.

The clocks ticking for all, and poor Olivia is stuck in the middle of it all. Why are bad things happening at her home, when she can barely afford to keep it going? And why are two strangers now so interested in her life?

But when Olivia gets offered a reward for information relating to the murder, she realises this could solve all of her restoration woes, and so she joins the hunt for the truth too.

With each person investigating without the other knowing, it’s not surprising that suspicion of each other creeps in…

I loved the setting of this book, the cheesiness of the resort provided a lightness to this investigative thriller and Tuomainen has created humour through the characters’ mannerisms and thoughts.

I read this whilst on holiday so felt a strong connection to the resort setting but I can imagine I’d have been transported there, even if I’d been in wintry England on my sofa, because Tuomainen’s descriptive writing style brings the beach, the town, the houses to life… the entire atmosphere wraps you in a literary cocoon – it’s glorious!

Witty, clever, full of surprises and quirky – it stands out from the crowd in the crime fiction genre and is well worth adding to your TBR.

Thanks to Anne Cater for introducing me to this book through her wonderful blog tours and thanks to Karen over at Orenda Books for sending me the book! I am so grateful to be involved in a book community that keeps on evolving my reading mix and allowing me to discover even more incredible authors!

I’m very honoured to have been on the final day of this blog tour, but if you want to find out more about this book, go and check out all the previous posts on the tour from this past month:

First Palm Beach BT Poster.jpg

Just a little reminder – you can now find me over on twitter under @reviewsbychloe (previously dougieDV), I just thought I’d be a bit more consistent!

Until next time, Chloé x



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