Blog Tour: The Year That Changed Everything by Cathy Kelly

The book opens with part one, which commences on the first Saturday in June, which just so happens to be: Callie’s 50th, Sam’s 40th and Ginger’s 30th. All three women in different circumstances and locations, but all experiencing the same strong emotions resulting in tears and shock. For Sam, they’re more happy tears whilst Callie and Ginger’s are definitely sad tears, but all finish the evening having similar thoughts: what happens next?

Kelly then hauls us into the past and builds up to these momentous moments and then continues to explore how these women will adapt and grow stronger… and that’s one thing that is felt throughout this book: these women are fighters, they’re not going to let something bring them down, they’re going to stand up and keep going!

I instantly fell in love with all three women, and usually I tend to favour one lead character, but in this tale: I loved all three. I loved that all three characters brought different social issues to the table and I applaud Kelly’s ability to explore these in depth, whilst keeping the overall balance of the plot and allowing the story to flow naturally.

Storytelling is Kelly’s gift and it’s clear that she’s done it again in The Year That Changed Everything, and yet again, she has managed to create the most heartwarming ending by interweaving the individual stories and letting a surge of happiness hit the reader.

Hugely relatable, an ‘all star cast’ of characters and charming writing – this is a MUST for chick lit lovers.

The Year that Changed Everything is published by Orion Books and is out NOW in paperback and eBook formats!

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Thank you so much Poppy for letting me be a part of the tour and creating such a team spirit with the other bloggers – you are AWESOME!

Until next time, Chloé x


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