The Yorkshire Pudding Club by Milly Johnson

I love Milly’s work and have read quite a few of her books over the years, so when Simon & Schuster republished The Yorkshire Pudding Club, it caught my eye in the supermarket and I was glad to confirm (after reading the first 3 pages… how long does it take you?) that I hadn’t read it – YAY!

This is hardly a spoiler, since it’s on the cover and in the blurb – so I’ll dive in and let you all know that over the first few chapters we are with Helen, Janey and Elizabeth; as they discover that they’re pregnant. Helen is elated, she’s always wanted this, but Janey and Elizabeth are in shock – this wasn’t part of their plans!

But whether it was planned or not, these babies are on their way!

We follow the girls as they support each other, through the biggest changes in their lives – and I’m not just talking about their new arrivals! Career and love lives are causing all kinds of dilemmas for these three lasses!

The plot is an absolute classic: full of juicy gossip, lots of giggles and some secrets that if revealed – could change perspectives and take the weight off many shoulders!

What makes this book so blimming marvellous is Milly’s writing style – she captures the Yorkshire/Northern mannerisms so perfectly that you feel like you’re up there, even if you’re sat in London reading it.

There’s so much feistiness in these three and their humour radiates from the pages.

When I eventually have a baby, I’ll be sure to pick this up again as Milly manages to pack in a lot of wisdom about pregnancy and birth, and I really feel it’ll have a calming effect on any expecting mother!

I just can’t fault Milly’s style, she always leaves me feeling so happy when I finish one of her books and she’s without a doubt, my favourite author in this chick lit genre.

The Yorkshire Pudding Club is out again now in paperback in all major stores, you can also grab it on your eBook, if you’re that way inclined!

Until next time, Chloé x


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