Blog Tour: Christmas at Cedarwood Lodge by Rebecca Raisin

After her career is ruined in New York by a rather nasty bridezilla, Clio has returned to her home town and done something HUGE. She’s spent her inheritance from her father on Cedarwood Lodge, and plans to turn it into a wonderful retreat for people to stay and the perfect venue for weddings and other celebrations.

With a stunning backdrop, beautiful wintry weather and plenty of talk about festive treats, you’ll instantly feel wrapped up like a Christmas present, but like pass-the-parcel, you’re never quite sure what’s inside each layer! For Clio, this is no simple renovation, she’s risking a lot: spending all her money, rebuilding her career and praying that a venue will work in a town that has a population just over 500! As if this wasn’t stressful enough, Clio’s mum is clearly devastated that she’s bought Cedarwood Lodge… she’s becoming increasingly distant and makes excuses not to come visit… why?

The depth of her mum’s reluctance towards anything to do with the lodge, has anchored itself throughout the story and you’ll be flying through these pages to unravel the mystery! Especially when the entire town seems to know more but then goes quiet when Clio enquires! And let me tell you, Raisin keeps a tight lip on this until close to the end!

Whilst Clio isn’t looking for love, she definitely enjoys playing cupid which will have you giggling away at the accidental meetings she sets up! But as we all know love arrives at anytime, even when you don’t expect it and so Clio has to follow her heart too…

Will she want to rekindle her love with her childhood sweetheart or attempt to understand the traits of a nomad…

There are some marvellous characters in this book, with my favourite being Aunt Bessie – she’s everything you’d want in an auntie and more… I’d love an aunt that makes artisan donuts. What’s seen in all the characters in this book is their motivation and their kindness to others, you’ll definitely get that ‘feel good vibe’ from this book!

Raisin’s writing style is light hearted, witty and also wonderfully descriptive – you’ll feel like a fly on the wall watching all the encounters in the lodge!

With renovations, weddings, romance and a bit of mystery – for a christmassy novel this definitely is a jam packed stocking full of treats!

Just an FYI for you all, this was previously published as three novellas: Celebrations & Confetti, Brides & Bouquets and Midnight & Mistletoe at Cedarwood Lodge… just wanted to let you know just in case you’ve read these and thought this was a follow up!

Christmas at Cedarwood Lodge is published by HQ and the paperback version will be out 4th October (tomorrow!), but you can grab the eBook version now.

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