Blog Tour: Darling Blue by Tracy Rees

It’s the summer of 1925 and Blue has turned twenty one. At her party, the gossip surrounds whom she will get engaged to, except Blue isn’t remotely interested in any man, she wants to focus on her writing! Unfortunately, her loving father; Kenneth, has got a little past tipsy, and so, when he makes his speech, he declares a challenge to all men. On her 22nd birthday, Blue’s engagement will be announced and, all men are welcome to woo his daughter… through letters.

In the moment, it feels like a marvellous idea, but only a few days later and Kenneth is begging for Blue’s forgiveness… because letters have started to arrive and rather than being a bit of fun, Blue knows that feelings are going to get hurt!

But Blue hasn’t got time to despair about her love life as a new friend has entered her life – Delphine, who requires some respite from her appalling marriage. Can Blue and her family help Delphine blossom again?

This book is full of the most wonderful characters! I loved the kindness that radiates from the Camberwell family, whilst they are blessed with a lavish life, they are not selfish and are always helping others. Blue, is of course, the star of the show – she’s such a determined young lady and forever pushing herself to make her writing a larger part of her life. Her sweetness in handling delicate situations will warm your heart, but don’t let that fool you – Blue is strong and assertive when she’s handling a difficult character!

Sometimes when I read books set fully in a past era, I find it difficult to ‘sync’ with the dialogue and the essence of the time; but not with Rees’ style! My, oh my, how quickly I became immersed in the 20s and felt so alive in my surroundings! The dresses, the vocabulary and the wonderful get togethers, made me wish I’d been living my 20s in the 20s! Tracy’s research has definitely paid off as the detail in this story is incredible, you will feel like you’re walking through Richmond next to Blue and Delphine!

I’ve mentioned some of the key plots throughout this book, but I’ve also not touched on many of the other areas that Tracy explored with her characters –  there is a lot to keep you entertained in this book! And whilst when you finish the book, you will be feeling joyful and content, there is also a depth to this book that weaves its way through the plot by exploring the emotions, particularly insecurities, that affect us all in different ways.

Not surprisingly, my first thought was ‘fans of Lucinda Riley’ will like this, and the quote on the front will draw these fans in! But I also urge fans of the more modern family sagas/women’s fiction and chick lits to give this story a go. Blue is no different to the ‘modern woman’, she wants a career and doesn’t want to rush love!

I’m absolutely devastated that I’m not popping up Richmond Hill for another cup of tea with the girls – I will miss you!

Charming characters, a wonderful era and a plot that just keeps giving – such a remarkable book! I’m blown away by Tracy’s writing – truly magical!

Darling Blue is published by Quercus and is available in eBook form now, and the paperback will be out on 1 November.

Thanks to Ella for organising this tour, if you’d like to hear more about this book, go check out the other wonderful thoughts from my fellow bloggers:

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  1. Wonderful review Chloé! The 1920s is a great era to immerse yourself in the life of someone as such as Blue. I think I’ll give this one a go, I do love Historical Fiction.


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