Believe me by JP Delaney

Crikey! I don’t know what I was expecting from Delaney but this really took me by surprise. It is VERY different to The Girl Before, and I’m now in awe of this incredible author who has now written two utterly enthralling and exciting reads!

The prologue lets us know that there has been a gruesome murder in a hotel, and part one of the book jumps back five days to let us find out who’s the victim, who are the suspects and what was the reason… or at least what the police believes!

But they don’t have enough evidence. They need help.  In the form of Claire – a British drama student – who is already tied to the case.

Claire sees the world as a never ending script, where she can be whoever she wants to be and fully immerse herself in that character.

What the police are asking her to do is ridiculously risky and also very dangerous, but they’ve promised her a green card… she could finally get a decent job, keep on top of her rent and also, prove what an incredible actress she is.

But the more she settles into her role, she’s not sure who to trust – the police or the suspect…


I loved this plot so much, I could feel the energy from the pages and each sentence radiating away, just waiting to draw you in and be read.

The quirkiness of Claire’s viewpoint, seeing life through scripts, added such a unique depth to the plot; whilst also creating an edge that built in a lightness to this rather dark and twisted plot.

Delaney keeps you guessing the entire way through and whips out the ‘doubt card’ numerous times to throw the reader, and continued the build up of twists until we reach the most magnificent summit.

With outstanding characterisation, a plot that is the very definition of ‘gripping’ and a twist that will take you completely by surprise… this is one book that sits comfortably within my top 10 thrillers of this year!

Believe me is published by Quercus and is currently out in hardback and eBook!

Until next time, Chloé x

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