The Party by Lisa Hall

Rachel wakes up and instantly knows something bad has happened, when she gets out of her neighbours’ spare bed, she notices the bruises on her legs and her arms… and she’s naked from the waist down.

Something very bad has happened.

Her husband; Gareth, is furious with her for being out all night but when she finally opens up and tells him what she believes has happened to her, Gareth makes her go to the police. He believes her. Carrie; her sexual offence liaison office, believes her. But oddly no one seems to know anything.

And then the story hits the local newspaper and people begin to stare and talk. Do they believe Rachel?

With the police unable to take the case any further due to lack of evidence, it’s up to Rachel to find the bastard that did this to her.

But is she safe? The threats begin to arrive at the house, and it’s clear that someone doesn’t want Rachel to remember.

This is every woman’s worst nightmare and this in itself is the reason why you will be compelled to race through this book, because we need to know who did this! We need Rachel to be believed by all! We need her to feel safe again!

The fact that we know the perpetrator was at the New Year’s party means they are right under our nose the entire way through the plot, it’s just a case of trying to piece together the truth through a bed of lies.

With the continuous flicking back and forth, Hall creates a backstory to our victim… and we realise that Rachel hasn’t always been a saint, she’s been keeping her own secrets too.

The pace of the plot is good, it’s nice and punchy, and keeps the pages turning – making this book very easy to devour in one day.

With the book staying in first person and the same one (!) the entire way through, it created such a strong bond between myself and the story. It was nice to just stick with one character throughout the book, such a refreshing change from the current trend.

A quick read with many twists and a writing style that will make you feel the paranoia and fear that the character is going through – definitely gripping and well worth adding to your TBR!

The Party is out now in paperback and eBook by HQ!

Until next time, Chloé x



      1. I agree I didn’t guess the character which was good, but maybe I found it a bit random the who did it. I do wish the end was longer but I guess they’ll be another book xx


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