The Dead Ex by Jane Corry

Vicki’s husband has gone missing. The police suspect she knows something…

She keeps lying to the police and hiding information…

Her memory isn’t great because of her epilepsy… so did she do it?

Corry has created a fantastic main character, Vicki is the kind of woman you instantly feel sorry for and want to help, but yet you can’t trust her! Her diary casts doubts in your mind as Vicki’s thoughts are far from positive and fluffy. And yet… I still believed in her.

So the reader doesn’t get swept down the rabbit hole trying to figure out Vicki, the chapters flick to other characters at present and in past years. Scarlett is another character you instantly sympathise with, her childhood has been awful and she’s stuck feeling bitter and the guilt if she does anything other than her mother’s wishes. I wanted to scream at young Scarlett, it is so clear what a terrible, selfish person her mother is, and yet she continues to think that everything her mum says is the truth. Some serious manipulation going on there!

But what’s the connection, why is this relevant to Vicki….?

I was GRIPPED from the very first page of this book, these characters suck you in and demand your attention from start to finish.

I loved that as soon as you connected the dots between the two pieces of information, you then have to swipe the connection as further evidence leads you drawing lines in a different direction.

The chapters were short and punch which always leads you to read just one more chapter… until you find you’re on the final chapter, the same day you started.

In short: gripping, tense and utterly absorbing. The Dead Ex has to be in my top ten thrillers of this year as Corry’s writing is utterly spell binding.

The Dead Ex is out now in paperback by Penguin Books.

Who else has read this psychological thriller? Did it mess with your mind and keep you guessing? Let me know on here or twitter!

Until next time, Chloé x



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