You Me Everything by Catherine Isaac

It was difficult for me not to pick up this book, after seeing so much of it on twitter when it first came out, so I grabbed it at the time in hardback and waited patiently for my next holiday to read it.

I have just come back from France, which was the PERFECT setting to read this book in, as this is where Jessica and William travel to.

Adam has never been a hands-on dad, in fact he escaped his father duties when he moved to France to create a hotel out of an old chateau. But now that William is getting older, and Jessica’s mother is severely ill, it’s time for Adam to step up and take some responsibility!

And so, Jessica and William find themselves arriving at a stunning chateau in the Dordogne, where they will be spending their summer, allowing Adam to ‘bond’ with his son.

It’s not an ideal situation, and one Jess really didn’t want to do… who wants to spend a summer with their ex and hundreds of miles away from her dying mother? But nevertheless, Jess understands the importance of her son spending time with his father.

The characters truly come alive on the pages due to Isaac’s incredible story telling skills, you feel like you are right there with Jess and William as they spend their days visiting local places, eating the incredible food on offer and relaxing by the pool. But what shines through these pages, which makes this book even more powerful, is the emotions that are packed in. I was quickly swept in by this moving tale, and the sympathy and empathy I felt towards some of the situations took me by surprise.

The ending was just beautiful, I cried like a little girl and was devastated to leave these characters on the last page – true story telling at its best!

My only disappointment I have, is the fact I waited so long to read this book! The quote on the front from Mackintosh states ‘if you liked Me Before You, you’ll love You Me Everything’, and I couldn’t sum this up any better than that! That quote has hit the nail perfectly on the head – it’s absolutely spot on!!! So for fans of JoJo Moyes – grab this NOW. I promise, you will LOVE it!

The paperback version is now out if you prefer a lighter book to carry!

Have you read this? Can you recommend any books similar to this? I would love to read some more stories like this!

Until next time, Chloé x


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