I couldn’t not pick up this corker after seeing all the hype around it from other bloggers – friends, you were right!

When Jack, Joy and Merry are left in their mother’s broken down car, never did they think she wouldn’t be coming back and yet… after an hour she still hasn’t appeared.

They begin to search for her and find nothing, and when a policeman drives them home, they know in that instant that everything is going to change.

3 years later and the case was never closed, Jack still yearns for the truth and whilst out; doing anything and everything to provide for his sisters, he discovers something…

Meanwhile DCI Marvel has arrived and he wants something juicy to work on, a murder preferably, but all this place is obsessed with is catching “Goldilocks”, a burglar who only steals small things, healthy food and has a tendency to sleep in beds before he leaves. Marvel thinks it’s below him but he needs to get back in London’s good books so he can go back.

From the very start, you know all the different stories are connected but how?

Bauer has created an intrinsically clever plot that sucked me in… I went to bed late, I woke up early, I just HAD to read what happened and quickly!

Compulsive, smart and full of unforgettable characters, this book will make you question whether a bad thing is acceptable, if it uncovers something much greater that could finally bring peace to so many.

I’ve tried my very best to not give anything away in this review as the plot is so blimming fantastic! For any thriller or crime lovers out there – you need to grab this ASAP!

Until next time, Chloé x


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