Blimming heck did I enjoy this book! I am so pleased to be sharing my review today with you on this fabulous book!

This is no normal thriller. Yes, it’s set in current times. Yes, crimes are solved in the same way. Yes, the characters are all suspicious. But there’s one big difference: memory.

Yap’s imagination has created the ultimate environment to make a thriller even more suspenseful, adults have massive short term memory flaws. An adult is either a mono or a duo, a mono can’t retain more than one day of short term memory whilst a duo can retain two days.

Claire has woken up and she can tell by her puffy eyes that she’s been crying, she checks her iDiary to find out the cause of her tears and there is nothing out of the ordinary. How strange…

What’s even more strange is a body has been found in the water close to their home and her husband; Mark, seems to be acting out of character…

It’s up to DCI Hans Richardson to find out why Sophia is dead and why Mark is being so edgy. What the world doesn’t know is that Hans has a few secrets of his own and the quicker he solves the case, the better.

As I’ve already said, the concept behind this plot is brilliant. The idea that every adult has memory problems makes for an even tenser and suspenseful race against the clock to solve the case.

What makes this plot even juicier is the discovery of Sophia’s iDiary, which fives Hans the perfect opportunity to identify suspects but he gets more than he bargains for, as Sophia does not hold back!

Unbelievably gripping and the perfect page turner! There is no doubt about it, Yap has blown the lid off with her debut and her work sits perfectly next to the greats like Mackintosh, Jewell and Pinborough.

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Yesterday blog tour poster

Thank you to Jenni over at Headline for setting up this blog tour! The paperback is out now!

Until next time, Chloé x


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