The Craftsman

Cast yourself back to October 3rd 2016, I posted a review on Daisy in Chains by Bolton and I finished with:

This book has a ROLLERCOASTER of a plot; it’s full of mystery, plot twists and chilling moments. I’ll definitely be buying more books by Sharon Bolton…

And I’ve kept my word because as soon as The Craftsman hit the shelves in my local supermarket, I grabbed it and stored it in my TBR pile! Once I had finished my commitments to blog tours this was the first bought book that I grabbed and I was so excited to read it. I’m glad to say – it did not disappoint! In fact, my summary of Daisy in Chains above, would fit perfectly to my overall thoughts on this book too!

The Craftsman is told from the perspective of Florence Lovelady, who we join in present day, at the funeral of child murderer Larry Glassbrook; a case she was involved in some 30 years ago. Except after the funeral, she takes a walk down memory lane and discovers a new piece of evidence that casts a doubt in her mind…

Bolton brings us back to 1969 so we can discover first hand the gruesome nature of the crimes and join Florence and her team as they desperately try to solve the crime. Which of course we; as the readers, know the outcome is that Larry is convicted, but are there any clues that might make us think differently….?!

What makes this book even more eerily engrossing is the continuous link to witches, covens and magic; this spins a web of mystery over the plot that makes it even harder to put down.

I loved that Bolton decided to write this tale from a first person perspective. Reading continuously the word “I” makes this book even more of a page-turner, as I felt even more of a connection with Florence. My heart was always racing and I finished this book in a single day, as there was no way I would be able to sleep not knowing what had happened to my dear friend, Florence!

Any thriller lover will absolutely love Bolton’s latest addition as it’s utterly gripping from the very start to the very end! Bolton always seems to have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about each of her plots and this for me, makes her a standout writer in the thriller genre, her skill is unbelievable.

Until next time, Chloé x



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