Well helloooooo and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for the incredible ‘Mine’ by Susi Fox.

This was an absolute cracker of a book and I am so pleased to be able to share my review with you today.

Sasha has awoken from an emergency c-section to find her baby isn’t with her and neither is her husband – Mark. The nurse informs her everything is ok and that Mark is upstairs in the nursery with their new baby son. A son?! Sash is shocked, she thought she was having a daughter. Early warning signs are ringing in her ears (and mine!).

When Sash is finally allowed up to see her son, she instantly knows something is wrong. It’s not her son. She’s sure of it.

But Mark continues to point out resemblances between him/her/family members and the baby…

Is she going mad? The nurses keep looking at her suspiciously. Sash becomes paranoid. What’s going on?

Fox begins to build up the plot by exploring Mark and Sasha’s past, revealing relationship problems, unhappy families and secrets that have been hidden for many years. It’s up to you, as the reader, to work out the truth. Is Sash right? Is she wrong? Has Mark been lying? And are the nurses and doctors on her side or not?

It had that hauntingly real vibe to it, you could imagine this happening and because of this, I was utterly absorbed from start to finish. This book was like a fantastic three course meal – the starter (start of book) got you hooked and you knew you were in for a treat; the main (the middle) did not disappoint, it was beautifully executed, seasoned to perfection with powerful twists; and finally, the dessert… the finale… Fox could not have ended this any better,  magnificently constructed and a talking point for all.

Loved, loved, LOVED IT!

Mine is out now in eBook and the paperback version will be hitting shelves on 14th June, be sure to add this one to your summer TBR pile!

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Until next time, Chloé x


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