Two Steps Forward

Both Zoe and Martin are coming to grips with fundamental changes to their lives. Zoe has been recently widowed and Martin is licking his wounds after a horrific divorce. Each have their own reason to walk the Camino from Cluny; in France, to Santiago (de Compostela); in Spain. Their first encounter leaves neither of them liking the other, but slowly, they realise what they can learn from one another.
I must confess, I had no prior knowledge about the camino, what routes there were, why people walked it, the history etc. And it really didn’t matter, the book taught you all you needed to know – it’s like an unofficial travel book that guides you through the traditions, the ways to walk, the kind of places to stay, the local food, and much, much more.
The writing styles of Simsion and Buist were so in sync and beautifully balanced, you wouldn’t be able to tell this was written by two authors. The raw emotions that both authors manage to draw from their words makes this story, incredibly powerful. I felt such a connection to Zoe and Martin, even though they’re both at completely different stages in life to me.
This book is all about second chances. What would you do with your life after tragedy? How would you rebuild it? The Camino gives people the time and perspective they require. But what will the outcome be for both Zoe and Martin?
An untraditional love story, a time to reflect and some fascinating characters; I was completely caught up in the magic of this book.
I read a review over on amazon for this book, and they described it as ‘very readable’ – I couldn’t have summarised it any better myself!
If you’ve read any books by Two Roads, e.g The Cactus, Hogan’s two books (Lost Things and Sally Red Shoes); you’ll begin to pick up that there is a theme to the kind of books they publish. Not only does each book have an inspirational story, it’s also packed full of meaning and warmth. So I’m not only just recommending this book, I’m recommending the entire Two Roads catalogue, the standard is truly exquisite.
*Thanks to Two Roads for sending me over a copy, this honest review is my way of saying thank you!*
Until next time, Chloé x

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