It’s Always The Husband by @MCampbellBooks #AlwaystheHusband

Someone has died.
At first glance it looks like suicide.
Chief Owen Wilson suspects differently.
Can the past revel the truth?
Kate, Aubrey and Jenny were college roommates and used to be close as thieves. Kate was always the leader – gorgeous and rich, she managed to get them in to the best parties. Aubrey was the follower – looking up to Kate and idolising her. Jenny was the sensible one – working hard and attempting to keep her roommates out of trouble.
Nowadays, the three women barely spend anytime together. They’ve grown their separate ways: Jenny is the mayor, Aubrey is a yoga teacher and Kate is still stuck in her party ways.
One of them is now dead, and the other two know more than they are letting on.
This was a very cleverly written psychological thriller that had a depth to it that surprised me. The sheer amount of detail in the past and present created such clear pictures in my head.
Once Campbell had exposed the victim; she created a tantalising build up of evidence, throwing suspicion in every direction and multiple background stories that oozed with gossip.
I loved the way this book made me feel, it draws you into the world of these three women and their husbands, it created a cocoon around me, closing me off from the real world and transporting me to this fictional setting.
Until next time, Chloé x

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