The Pool House by @tasminaperry

Moving to a new country is never easy, especially when you’re leaving behind the house you love, the job you adored and all your friends. But Nat has this incredible opportunity, so his wife; Jem, could hardly say no.
Jem is struggling in New York, not only is Nat never around, but she’s been unsuccessful on the job front and finding friends. When Nat’s colleague asks if they’d like to be part of a summer house share in the Hamptons, Nat sees past the eye-watering cost and looks at the potential prospects it could bring to his career. And it could be good for Jem, she might make friends…
The housemates seem lovely, the weather is perfect and the location is to die-for… and that’s the problem. One of the housemates died last year in the pool. Alice. It was ruled an accident, Alice couldn’t swim and drowned, but Jem is curious, if Alice didn’t like swimming why was she at the pool late at night?
With all the other housemates returning to the city to work, Jem finds herself with plenty of time to ponder on Alice’s death, and a chance encounter with an author looking for his next story, spirals them both down the detective route to find the truth.
Now that we know the past is being explored, Perry cleverly flicks the story to Alice’s perspective, so the reader can start to understand the events leading up to her death.
Perry created characters that just kept on giving! As the past continues to unravel, and more scandalous secrets emerge, you’re left wondering how much more can these housemates be hiding! The build up to the truth was excruciatingly good; there were so many different secrets that could have revealed the killer and I loved the fact I wasn’t able to guess ‘whodunnit’.
My two favourite genres are chick lit and thrillers (all… crime, psychological, legal etc.) – very different, I know! Sometimes, I find myself craving something in the middle, and I’ve finally found it. This book had the perfect blend – it had those cosy warm feelings whilst also being packed full of suspense and gripping twists.
My only disappointment, was in myself, why had I not discovered Perry’s books before now?!
*Huge thanks to Becky over at Headline for introducing me to yet another fantastic author*
Until next time, Chloé x

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