The Hideaway by @sheilaoflanagan

I feel like I say this every time I write an O’Flanagan review – how does she do it?! How does she continue to create the most incredible women’s fiction – full of female role models, unique plots and settings that I immediately feel at home in.

Juno has been dealt a double blow – death and lies, all from one event.

Not surprisingly, Juno is struggling to cope with normal day life when her emotions are all over the place. With her boss suggesting that she take three months unpaid leave and a colleague offers her use of a family villa in Spain, suddenly Juno finds herself able to work through her emotions in a relaxing and beautiful location.

The story flicks back and forth to catch the reader up to speed with the events that led up to the day when everything changed. Before long, I was fully immersed in Juno’s life and cheerleading alongside her, I watched as time healed her emotional wounds and Juno came out of her shell.

It’s not long before Juno feels a connection to the locals, a young boy is injured and Juno’s first aid skills results in infinite adoration from all those surrounding her – chats at the cafe, dinner invitations and afternoons out keep Juno busy. Plus a ridiculously gorgeous neighbour pops by to clean the pool… shirtless, it’s not surprising that Juno’s heart begins to race!

I’ve always thought that after a traumatic event, I would want to surround myself with family. But Juno did the opposite and yet, even though she was in a place where she knew no one and, no one had a clue what had brought her there, she manages to create friendships and a support network that pulled her through to acceptance. I really admired her strength. And it made me think, I still believe human interaction is key for grieving but it doesn’t have to be with people you know, it can be anyone! In fact, being around strangers that are not aware of your history, seemed to work to Juno’s advantage, as she wasn’t treated any differently.

Whilst alone in the villa, Juno keeps herself busy by doing some home renovations that transform the place, and she’s kept company by the most adorable stray cat called Banquo – who has a surprise of his own!

Juno is surrounded by love, but will she ever be in love again? Will a local steal her heart or can someone connected to her past capture her heart?

If you love women’s fiction, trust me, hand on heart, you’ll love this. I can always rely on O’Flanagan to write a book that I’ll divulge in two days flat and thoroughly enjoy.

This book doesn’t hit the shelves until late June but it’s worth a pre-order right now, and then it’ll be a fantastic accompaniment to your summer holiday.

Fellow bookworms, who else loves to relax with an O’Flanagan?

*I can NOT thank Becky over at Headline ENOUGH, she sends me over the most amazing books – I am so grateful!!!*

Until next time, Chloé x


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