The Fear

You know when you first start a book and you spend the first few pages going “this is good”, “this has potential”, “I like the way this has started”, etc. With The Fear, my mind had no time to process my original reactions as it was so focused on the plot – you really are thrown straight in and sucked in by Taylor’s incredible writing

Lou is stuck in the past, her traumatic abduction as a child has left her fearful to trust men. When her father leaves her the farmhouse, she must return to th the place that haunts her dreams and confront the very man that destroyed her. If it wasn’t hard enough to actually find and visit this man, imagine the pain that hits her when she finds Mike grooming a young girl; Chloe. Lou is determined to stop Mike once and for all, she’s not a scared little girl anymore.

Already this plot is an utter page-turner, but Taylor adds another dimension into the mix. Wendy is stalking Lou. Why? Why oh why? I’ll be honest with you, it clicked for me pretty early on who Wendy was but I think Taylor did this on purpose as this plot twist was revealed halfway through. Whilst I was lulled into false pretences that I had sussed this plot out, Taylor was carefully building up the momentum of the main plot line and what a TREAT it was.

I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed this book. This book has the right balance of twists that you can’t guess the ending, whilst also managing to be believable and realistic.

*Thank you Sabah over at Avon for my copy – I thoroughly enjoyed this book!!*

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Until next time, Chloé x

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