This Could Change Everything

Another heart-warming tale from Mansell. I love how her books make me feel, they are the perfect escape from our busy, every day lives. This Could Change Everything definitely had a Cinderella/fairy tale vibe. When Essie finds herself jobless, homeless and dumped; it’s not long before Zillah comes along and helps her life take a much happier route. Like a fairy godmother, Zillah offers Essie a small flat within her gorgeous house, in the most perfect location within Bath; Zillah also points her in the direction of the Red House for a job, where Essie finds Lucas.

Seeing Lucas is a shock, he’s linked to how her life changed in a second, and she’s not sure if she wants to work for him. But with the pub being less than a five minute walk from her new digs, Essie knows she needs to make it work. Surely it can only get better?

And better it does! Essie thrives in her new work environment and loves her new home life. Her life is even further fulfilled when she joins Zillah and fellow lodger; Conor, in their bid to make people’s final moments more special.

Now that Essie has her life back on track has her heart got room for someone new or will someone from her past take her fancy? Mansell always creates the perfect build up with her new relationships leading the reader guessing “will they?” or “won’t they” – so juicy!! Essie isn’t the only one to get caught blushing, Conor’s romance life is hotting up!

Another classic from Mansell – perfect to switch off and unwind with. I love the ‘bubble’ Mansell creates, when I opened this book I was quickly absorbed into this fictional world and the outside world was put on mute!

Fellow bookworms, what were your thoughts on This Could Change Everything? Or if you haven’t got around to it (why ever not?!) what’s the last Mansell book you’ve read?

This Could Change Everything is out now in hardback and eBook, or if you are craving a paperback it’s hitting the shelves on July 12th.

*Thank you Headline for sending me a copy through bookbridgr – super chuffed!!*

Until next time, Chloé x


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