Drift Stumble Fall – Mini Review

Isn’t it just the most satisfying feeling when you read the first page of a new book and instantly know that you’re going to love it? This is exactly how I felt when I began this story.

Richard is restless. All his mind can think of is leaving his life behind. He wants to disappear abroad and live a new life. He’s been feeling like this for a long time. Living with his wife and two kids, just isn’t cutting it anymore. Each time he stares out the window, he sees his neighbour; Bill.

Bill’s life seems far more appealing to Richard – no kids, a tidy house, no job and a wife that seems charming. Albeit, this is what Richard speculates, from just viewing this man’s life through a window.

Bill stares out his window too, his reasons for staring out the window are different from Richard’s, but the key emotion is the same – they are both sad. Whilst they stare at each other, imagining what each other’s lives must be like, neither could ever guess the tormented thoughts that haunt them both.

This plot was utterly captivating. Lee’s writing style captures the raw depth and emotion in each character, creating characters that come alive on the pages.

This book was so much more than a story. It was a moment to reflect on yourself and the people around you. To put things into perspective. To think. I loved it.

I would recommend this to bookworms that love to really get to know their main character and explore their inner thoughts.

*Thank you so much Hideaway Fall for sending me a copy, it really is an utter delight to get to read such fantastic books*

Until next time, Chloé x




  1. Some wonderful reviews and additions to my list, thank you very much! Have you tried “Behind Her Eyes” by Sarah Pinborough? Strikes me you might enjoy that…thanks for some great reviews! 😺💕📕📑📑📑📕


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