The Memory Chamber – Mini Review

The Memory Chamber is set in the future, where heaven can be whatever you want it to be, as long as you have the money and no criminal record. If you meet the criteria, then you can meet with a heaven architect, who will create your artificial heaven based on your favourite memories, ready for the day you die.

Isobel is a fantastic heaven architect with a great track record, so new client; Jarek, is in good hands.

Isobel adores creating each and every heaven, but her feelings in work are not all positive. Changes in the business go against Isobel’s values and cause a rift, that only increases throughout the book.

Throwing her energy towards her new client seems her only refuge but she’s never allowed herself to get this close before, and feelings develop.

A horrific murder case surfaces that links to Jarek, but with Jarek dead and safely in his new heaven, the police begin to question Isobel to unlock the answers that could be somewhere within Jarek’s mind.

This is a dark and futuristic thriller, with a fast paced plot will keep you up all night. With Isobel being such a likeable main character, I grew defensive when others painted her in the wrong light.

Sometimes with futuristic plots, it takes a while to adjust to new concepts but not in this story, the idea of artificial heavens is explained so logically and clearly, that it felt like a natural step in our future and one that neither scared or confused me.

With the complexity of the characters becoming more apparent the further you read on, you were never quite sure who you could trust until the final page.

This was a fantastic debut novel from Cave, her fresh and unique plot will be remembered by many, and I look forward to seeing more of her work.

The Memory Chamber is out now in hardback, many thanks to Quercus for sending me an advanced copy!

Until next time, Chloé x



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