The Wildflowers

Let me start by commenting on the gorgeous cover, it really will catch your eye in the shop and make you want to grab it.

Set across a number of decades, this story explores the secrets of the Wilde family.

With many of the characters being involved in the dramatic arts, I thought I might summarise this in a special way…

The main set: The “Bosky” – a holiday home for the Wilde family in Dorset, which has been in Tony’s family for a long time.

The main characters:
Tony – the father; who is coming to the end of his theatrical career and is tortured by his past
Althea – the mother; self absorbed and focused on her career rather than her children
Ben – the son; trying so hard not to be like his father
Cord – the daughter; a diva in her own right, who idolises her dad

Enter a new character to shake it up – Mads. She’s been watching the Wildes from afar, their family life seems so idyllic to her, compared to her shocking lifestyle with an abusive, depressive father.

Mads wants to be a part of their family more than anything but when she gets her wish, she realises it’s not as rosy on the inside.

As the kids grow older and the set changes, more secrets unravel and the past needs to be analysed; but the magical link is the Bosky.

This book was all about exploring the delicate dynamics of love and family.

Both Ben and Cord have their own challenges with their father, but it’s not until both discover Tony’s past that peace can be restored.

Evans has a fantastic descriptive writing style, the words were transformed from the pages and acted out in my imagination; even down to when two of the characters (Tony and his great aunt Dinah) have a birthday picnic and they’re munching on bread, ham and tomatoes – I could taste the freshness of those home grown tomatoes and imagine what a delicious treat that must have been in war time.

You all know that I’m a massive fan of books that are set over a varied timeframe, I really am a sucker for piecing together all of the events so I can understand the bigger picture. Evans has a fantastic knack of knowing how long to stay in the current era before diving forwards or backwards, I was utterly enthralled.

As adults, Cord needs to reflect on events from when Ben, herself and Mads were younger adults and in discovering Mads’ diary, she is able to examine the impact her actions had on others.

Each character has their own unique backstory and with the perfect scenic backdrop, this book deserves to be centre stage in this summer’s picks.

The Wildflowers is out now on eBook and the paperback version will be out on Thursday 5th April by Headline!

Many thanks to Becky at Headline for providing me with a copy to review, it was beautifully wrapped and I adored the handwritten note!

Until next time, Chloé x


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