Friend Request

After seeing all the fantastic reviews on this book from my fellow bloggers, it was no surprise that it ended up in my basket!

Louise receives a friend request from Maria on Facebook, seems pretty standard stuff? Except it’s not, Maria died over twenty five years ago, so how could she be on Facebook. When Louise clicks on the request, she sees a photo of Maria from school time, the last time she was alive.

As the past collides with the present, Louise must confront an event that has haunted her for many years.

This was a gripping and breakthrough psychological thriller for a new author. Marshall has created a plot that is hauntingly good and packed full of twists.

From the very start, it is clear that Louise is very regretful of her past but it is unclear what she did, and this kept me turning the pages trying to find the connection to the sordid night.

Lots of key players start to enter the scene; people from the past and the ‘now’, and I was constantly reading into their words to see if Marshall had planted any seeds. I think having “an excellent twist” quoted on the front cover, meant my awareness was even more heightened… I knew a twist was coming, but could I guess it before it revealed itself? Evidently not… although I had some fantastic ideas of ‘whodunnit’, I had failed to guess the true perpetrator!

I really warmed to Louise, she seemed to have grown so much since her school years and matured into someone that would be classed as a ‘good person’; although when she starts lying to the police my thoughts waivered.

It became obvious that although Louise regrets her school-girl days, she isn’t willing to make amends. And that is what the person behind Maria’s Facebook account is after – the truth out.

If your mind is after a psychological work out – this book will do the trick!

Until next time, Chloé x


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  1. Definitely a psychological work out – which is my favourite type of book. This was a great one to read on the beach 📖🍹 The stalker theme seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment as I’ve found myself reading a few in the same view recently!


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