Dandy Gilver & A Spot Of Toil and Trouble

Dandy and Alec have been tempted to Castle Bewer to search for the family treasures.

When they arrive, it’s time for the two detectives to get their thinking caps on and uncover the lost jewel – The Cut Throat – a stunning ruby necklace.

With all great plots, a task is never as simple as it seems, and Dandy and Alex have to be careful of their surroundings. The Bewer family are hosting a group of actors and actresses who have come to perform a Shakespearean play to the public. With more people coming and going; the pair have to keep their wits about them, as they watch and listen for those who show too much interest in their case.

With interviews and a good hunt of the castle, Dandy begins piecing together the colourful past of this necklace, which seems to be connected to a family member who fled the castle years ago. Alec is sure the truth lies within the words, they have already heard…

But then the Bewers makes an announcement to the public, that puts a spanner in Dandy and Alec’s case…

Dandy is a fabulous main character with the most enjoyable type of personality – smart and witty. She has such a dependable and reassuring presence, with her ability to solve problems… even in the middle of the night when a ‘ghost’ appears. I loved following her thought process, I really felt like I was figuring out the case alongside her.

The whole story has been written beautifully with the perfect nod towards the traditions in the 1930s – meaning the book will appeal to fans of historical fiction and also to detective lit lovers!

It had the light heartedness of an Agatha Raisin plot, the calming thoroughness of Father Brown plots and, with plot twists galore it’s worthy of sitting on your bookshelf with all the great detectives.

Charming and utterly compelling – I recommend you give this a go!

Thanks to Hodder & Stoughton for sending me a copy through bookbridgr

Publication date is just around the corner – next Thursday (8th February)!

Until next time, Chloé x


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