Three Things About Elsie

What a remarkably sweet story this was and I loved the link to Battenberg cake. Buying this book was as satisfying as buying a Battenberg cake: the anticipation as you peel back the wrapper, the sheer delight at discovering how beautifully it has been presented and finally, the warm pleasure as you take your first bite. This book was delicious from the very first page to the very last.

What one can gather from the first few pages, is Florence has fallen and is unable to call for help. Whilst she lies on the floor, Flo casts her mind back to the events of her past and how they led her to this very moment.

At first you may think this is a sweet walk down memory lane, but quite quickly it becomes evident that there is far more to this than meets the eye.

Someone new has moved into the sheltered housing where Flo lives, except he isn’t new in Flo’s life. He’s a ghost from the past, but how can he be here? He drowned years ago… Unless.

Flo needs to discover the truth and her faithful best friend; Elsie, is by her side to help, and Flo truly needs her help because, frankly, Flo can’t remember a lot.

With mind tricks and memory loss, it’s hard for Flo to seek the truth, but she never relents.

What an adventure this tale turned out to be! I loved the detective nature that flowed through the book, and thought Jack was a fantastic addition to help follow up on any leads.

What I loved about The Trouble With Goats and Sheep was Cannon’s knack for really making each character; either big or small, come alive on the pages and, I felt this again in this tale. Miss Ambrose and Handy Simon, although ‘background’ characters, were thoroughly explored and their part in the tale fell perfectly into place – there are no random characters in this story, each character had an integral part to play.

As many have already said, this book is the definintion of a modern classic – 100% recommended to make you smile, laugh and shed a tear as you come to the end of an outstanding story.

Thanks to my mum for buying me a copy of this book when I was full of cold!

Until next time, Chloé x


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