The Last Mrs Parrish – Mini Review

Oh how I LOVED this book. It was told to perfection.

Amber wants more from life. She wants more money. More clothes. More jewellery. A bigger house…. and freedom to spend her days however she wants.

Jackson can give her all of this.

One problem.

The wife.

But what Amber wants, is what Amber gets and so, she sets up her trap to lure Jackson away from Daphne… by first befriending Daphne.

And that’s as far as I’m going to go in recapping the plot because it was so darn clever, I know I’ll slip up and ruin it if I go any further. I’m also not going to discuss the characters in any great depth, other than to say they were deliciously executed… you think you know someone…. and then they go and surprise you…!

For fans of The Girlfriend and The Perfect Girlfriend – Mini Review (I know only fellow bloggers will have read The Perfect Girlfriend at the time of publishing this – FYI its out on 8th March – go grab it)… this book will definitely grab your attention.

It’s dark, it’s well written and it was unbelievably hard to put the book down!

Bravo to the Constantine sisters.

Until next time, Chloé x





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