Some Kind of Wonderful – Mini Review

Meet your new best friend – Lizzy. She’s having a tough time after her long term boyfriend decides at the moment of proposing – with the most perfect ring! – that actually he can’t go through with it.

After ten years invested in the relationship, Lizzy wants to rediscover her old self again and see what makes her happy going forward.

Fletcher’s ability to create main characters that instantly become your new best friend is phenomenal. Within the first few pages, Lizzy becomes a girl that is relatable and loveable.

Moving back in with your mum might feel like a backwards step, but Lizzy fully embraces the time and spends some quality time with her parents, including discovering why they got divorced all those years ago.

With more free time, it’s time for Lizzy to welcome in some new friends into her life and discover new hobbies, which involve belting out Fix You by Coldplay!

One of my favourite aspects of this book is how it tackled opportunity. Instead of sticking with the usual motto of grasping opportunities, it delved deeper to a wiser level, and explored whether the opportunity was right for Lizzy. I thought this was such a strong message for a reader to take away. Yes it’s right to embrace opportunities thrown your way, but don’t decide to just jump on it because it feels the right thing to do, assess if it’s the right thing for you.

Packed full of sibling rivalry, some cheeky flirting and a new friend who has unlocked Lizzy’s creative side – this book is sure to put a smile on your face and make you giggle naughtily!

Finally, thanks to my lovely fiancé for buying me this for Christmas!

Until next time, Chloé x

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