Christmas Cakes & Mistletoe Nights – Mini Review

A while ago, Matthews wrote The Cake Shop in the Garden which told the tale of Faye and her cake shop, and all the set backs that came along with balancing her life between the cafe and, her family and boyfriend. Until Danny came along… and whisked her off her feet.

Now we are back with the loved up couple for a festive treat. Christmas Cakes & Mistletoe Nights is everything you could wish for if you are a Matthews fan – it’s packed full of interesting characteristics, shocking developments and a warming feel good vibe.

Faye has returned to help the new owner of the Cake Shop in the Garden; Lija, and to keep an eye on ‘Stinky Stan’ who has fallen rather ill. Back on her home turf, Faye realises she is in her element, but will she be able to persuade Danny to stay permanently?

Rainbow was a lovely addition to the cake shop – young, cheerful and energetic – I loved what she brought to this tale. She managed to bring light to the story, even when the events were hardly ideal.

When a surprise guest arrives, Faye needs to confront the injustice from her past… can it be a happily ever after? This was an easy read which will keep you company through these cold winter nights. At the start I felt the plot was a little slow but it picked up a third of the way in and kept on building. So, grab a mulled wine, a mince pie and… tuck into this festive treat!

Until next time, Chloé x


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