In A Cottage In A Wood

When Neve meets Isabelle on the Waterloo Bridge, never in her wildest dreams could she imagine what was going to happen next.

A few months later, Neve is living in Isabelle’s cottage in Cornwall, sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? The picture you’ve got in your head right now, is what Neve was thinking also… so when she arrives in the dark, unlocks the four bolts on the front door and, discovers the kitchen is full of rubbish and a dead magpie, she can’t see how this can get any worse… except it does, she wakes up the next morning and discovers the bars on the windows.

The cottage is in the middle of nowhere and her nearest neighbours seem nice, so why would anybody need this much protection?

The neighbours and Isabelle’s brother tell Neve, that Isabelle wasn’t mentally balanced and had an obsession that someone was after her, but no one seems to know who.

When strange things start happening in the house and a note is discovered, referring to a prison inmate, Neve decides enough is enough, she needs to find out the truth.

I loved Green’s writing style, the plot came across edgy and packed full of suspense. The seeds to the truth were planted throughout the pages, but along with these seeds, were many seed-like stones that could trick your mind into going down the wrong path. The fast paced and grippy vibe of this plot, reminded me of Lisa Jewell’s books; both have different writing styles but both authors managed to gain the same reaction from me – ‘cooorrrrr that was good!’

Neve was an interesting main character, before she arrives at the cottage, I found her difficult to relate to as she was reckless, selfish (in my view) and not professional. But once in the cottage, it was as if the playing field levelled out again and I warmed to Neve – I always find it interesting the way circumstances can change your opinion on a character.

The plot continued to twist and by the penultimate chapter, all of the secrets were on the table. This was a carefully constructed plot that was utterly compelling from start to finish.

Oh and Jarvis was an adorable addition to the tale – I loved him!

Until next time, Chloé x


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