Before this is Over – Mini Review

This book had me hooked from page one. When a deadly virus begins to spread in the UK, China and elsewhere; Hannah can sense that it’s going to hit Sydney… and soon.

I was sucked into Hannah’s thoughts straight away; and even though her husband and friends felt that she was being irrational, I was on her side from the start.

Hannah is a smart cookie – she’s stocked the pantry full of food so that when the situation deteriorates, she’s able to lock the outside world out and look after her family.

But things start to go wrong quickly, the city is quarantined and Hannah faces her first major decision. Her elder son; Zac, is in Canberra, is it safer to leave him there? Or should he be with the family?

This story was absolutely captivating, you never knew what decision Hannah was going to have to make next and that truly terrified me.

As the days pass by and the number of cases continue to rise, my fear for the family intensified, surely something bad was going to happen? But what? They were being so careful!

I couldn’t turn the pages faster! The gritty realism that Hickie managed to weave into this plot made for an exceptional read.

Fans of the thriller genre will love the suspense packed into this book, but others will love the family unity that shines from these pages. Hannah is a mother who will do anything to protect her kids and all will relate to this.

*Thanks to Headline Review for providing me with a copy through Bookbridgr*

Until next time, Chloé x


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