Christmas With You

Who out there is excited for Christmas? I know I am! I’m the Christmas-addict in the family who has to be ‘reined in’. Such party poopers – I mean who doesn’t want the house decorated and wearing Christmas jumpers in November!

If you love Christmas even half as much as me, I know you will love this book!

Neil and Claire’s Sugar Loaf Lodge is welcoming guests for the festive period, this Christmas needs to go well, if they want to keep the hotel open next year.

This is a tale full of short stories from the guests staying in each of the hotel rooms. Each have their own reasons for staying at the hotel over the holiday season. Some arrive happy, some arrive sad and some need to some perspective… but they all leave full of festive cheer!

I loved the depth O’Flanagan managed to bring to each of these short stories, after only forty odd pages I felt I really understood each character and this is another example of why O’Flanagan is one of the best authors in the contemporary genre.

With a little help from their guardian angel; Louise, Claire and Neil manage to make the holidays special for each guest by adding little individual touches.

There were two stories which stuck with me the most.

The first was Andrew and Bridget – Andrew has messed up big time and Bridget has never been so upset with him in her life. But perspective is key in this short tale, Bridget realises what’s most important.

The second was Michelle and her family. Michelle is the reason why her family are at the Lodge this Christmas and the power of being finally in control is glorious. You go girl!!

You can read this book in one go or you can read one of the short stories each time you take a break from decorating your home or wrapping your presents!

*I’d like to thank Becky Hunter over at Headline Publishing Group for sending me a copy – a fantastic early christmas treat!*

Who else has read this beauty? And if you’re scratching your head because the characters seem familiar but the title doesn’t, it might be because you read it back in 2010/11 when it was originally published under the title ‘A Season To Remember’!

Until next time, Chloé x


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