Mini Review – The Foster Child

When Imogen arrives back to her childhood town, she hopes that her time there will be less traumatic and emotionally draining than her younger years. Sadly not. On the day they arrive, her husband; Dan, narrowly misses hitting a teenage girl with their car. The girl (Naomi) claims she just stumbled back onto the road, others think differently… Naomi was with Ellie… everyone thinks Ellie is an unusual young girl – haunted, in fact.

Coincidentally, Imogen is assigned Ellie in her new role, providing mental health support to the local schools. Imogen believes the events happening are nothing to do with Ellie but as the accusations build up, it’s difficult to know what the truth is.

I loved the way this plot was written, Blackhurst built it up in a way that I could feel a cloud shift at the end of each chapter, building up with the other clouds, ready for the storm – utterly gripping!

With a jumpy, fast paced vibe – this plot will mess with your mind right up until the final sentence. And that final sentence… just WOW.

I have found another author to add to my ‘alert list’ – it’s when I go crazy if they bring a new book out and run to a bookstore – and Blackhurst deserves her spot on this list!

Thanks Headline Publishing for providing me with a copy through bookbridgr – so lucky!

Until next time, Chloé x



  1. You’re making me want to read more thrillers. I couldn’t find this book anywhere though. It’s only available as an audio book. I guess because it’s brand new.


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