Mini Review – The Image Of You

Nick has always been a player. Dating websites are for picking up one night stands, not for finding the “one”… until he meets Anna.

Anna joined the website to find the man of her dreams, the man she could settle down with and marry… and when she meets Nick, she knows he’s the one.

Cute right? For sure. Until Anna introduces Zoe; her twin, to Nick. Zoe is the polar opposite of Anna. Zoe is provocative, confident and addictive. Anna is sweet natured, caring and homely. With the twins being identical, will Nick be able to stay faithful to Anna, or will he be tempted to the dark side with Zoe?

This plot was edgy and exciting. I immediately warmed to Anna – and who couldn’t, she’s just so nice and because of this, I was rooting for Nick and Anna to be the perfect couple… but I knew Zoe was trouble with a capital T.

Told from multiple perspectives; including short glimpses from the twins’ mother, Parks tantalised the reader with each characters’ viewpoint… and I was always intrigued to understand what the others were thinking.

Except all wasn’t what it seemed – this plot was even more complex than it first seemed. The final part of the book was plot twisting-ly fantastic – I LOVED it!

I can’t say any more without letting the cat out the bag, but one final remark – it’s worth adding this one to your TBR list!

*Thank you Headline Publishing for providing me with a copy through bookbridgr*

Until next time, Chloé x



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