The Break

When I cracked open the first page of this book, my mum commented that she had never seen me read Marian Keyes before, which is true! I’d been so intrigued by the blog and twitter posts on this book, that I’d talked myself into liking it, before it had even hit the basket. So did I end up liking it? No… I LOVED it.

Hugh has been going through a rough time and concludes the only way forward is to leave his life (including his family) for six months and explore the world. Amy; his wife and the main character, is not surprisingly shocked, hurt and angry with Hugh – particularly when he pitches it as a ‘break’ for six months, which means he can start up a relationship with any woman he pleases to… and the cheek of the man… he wants to come back after six months like nothing happened!

With Hugh on a break, this means Amy is also on a break and so she discovers the freedom of letting her crushes turn into actual flings. But freedom is dangerous… what if either of them decides they don’t want to get back together when the six months are up?

Whilst Hugh left Dublin to travel alone, Amy is anything but lonely – she’s surrounded by her girls, her family, her work colleagues, her friends and even her ex husband…!

With lots of impressionable characters, this book packed a punch – it was ‘laugh out loud’ funny. I loved reading about Amy’s mum and I found Alastair’s love life very amusing.

Keyes has a dynamic writing style that changes swiftly and beautifully to reflect the tone of events – whilst most of the book was light hearted and witty, there are some events dotted through that required sincere emotions – this was done perfectly.

With the chapters being short; which for some reason always makes me read more in one sitting, I raced through this book!

The next day after I’d finished the book, I missed Amy. Her driven, wacky and passionate personality left a lasting impression on me. I definitely need to read some more of Keyes work – ASAP!

Until next time, Chloé x

P.S. yes that is Christmas bedding you can spot 🙈 I know…



  1. I have an ARC of this I still haven’t gotten around to so hopefully your review will give me a push. I loved Keyes older books like Rachel’s Holiday and Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married but I haven’t read any in a while.

    Great review


  2. I wasn’t able to get into her books before either, but maybe this one sounds like it’s worth a try. I like the Christmas bedding 🙂


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