The Girlfriend

Daniel believes he’s met the love of his life – Cherry. Daniel’s mother; Laura, isn’t so sure… she thinks Cherry is a gold digger.

Laura tries hard to explain to Daniel that Cherry’s actions don’t seem right, but Daniel, blinded by love, believes his mother is being over protective and verging on obsessive.

Cherry is a smart cookie and picks up on Laura’s behaviour, is she upset by it? Not at all. It’s game on, as far as Cherry is concerned. There’s no way Cherry is ending up back living with her mother.

Like a game of chess, every move Cherry makes is calculated. She is determined to win Daniel’s affections and steal him from his mother. I didn’t trust Cherry from the start, she’s the kind of girl I would absolutely hate to be around… they’re trouble. And what does any mother do when they see someone preying on their young? They protect and attack back.

This was a juicy plot that just got better and better. I was enjoying reading the game of one-upmanship between Cherry and Laura, and so, the major plot twist that came quite early on in the book, took me by surprise.

This plot twist changed everything. Cherry was in the losing corner and one final blow from Laura would have sent her out of Daniel’s world forever. Unfortunately, the blow Laura chose to use was… well… let’s just say telling a lie that big has far too many consequences and chances of going wrong. Bad move, Laura. The plot continues as Laura tries desperately to cover up her lie, but Cherry becomes suspicious… and this makes Laura nervous.

Fantastic thriller playing heavily on the psychological mind games, women are so prone to use and fall for. I loved the jumpy edginess of it all. Frances pushed beyond the boundaries to explore the darkness of a woman’s mind; and although at one point it went way past my comfort level, I appreciated how these details made an impact on my mind, making the book unforgettable.

Until next time, Chloé x



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