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Everyone who has been following my blog for a while, knows my love of Grisham. He is my all time favourite author and the only author that I’ll google to check when his next release is out!

Luckily for me, his typical legal thrillers (Camino Island doesn’t count – it’s not legal enough!) come out around my birthday (end of October) – obviously he does this on purpose (ha ha!), so I always have a Grisham book to unwrap… and I forget all about the twenty books already in my TBR pile and open the first page…

I’ve found the last few of his books have fallen short of his usually very high standard. Although this is me being highly critical, as compared to the majority of other books in the genre, these books would still have a higher rating. My point is, the last few have had plots with potential but I felt they were never turned into the masterpiece plots Grisham used to churn out – think The Testament, The Chamber and The Partner. So how would this book fair?

This plot excited me. Gordy is on to something BIG, he’s discovered a scam relating to his law school and others, that if leaked could have huge repercussions. Except Gordy is mentally unstable and unable to see through the reveal, luckily he’s told his three closest friends: Mark, Todd and Zola (his girlfriend albeit he also has a fiancée back home!).

It’s up to Mark, Todd and Zola to reveal the truth. Interestingly though, they park the scandal and begin to pursue other law activities. I really enjoyed this part of the story, it was a lot of fun and it reminded me of Grisham’s usual witty writing style.

When things start to go wrong, the boys need to find a way out and at this point the story links back to the scam.

It was a smart plot and I enjoyed the playful nature of the three young law students. For me, it was my favourite book out of Grisham’s last four. My only niggle, I felt the ending was rushed.

Until next time, Chloé x



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