“100 word” Reviews

Hello you lovely bunch! There have been a few books over the last few months which I enjoyed, but, when it came to writing a review, I struggled to type up anything substantial. I’ve seen a lot of mini reviews (shorter than mine), short reviews and the cleverly named ‘Rapid Reviews’ by Kate over at Bibliophile Book Club and it got me thinking… why don’t I just post my very very short reviews! So here they are, in a 100 words or less… what I’ve thought of the following… ENJOY!

PRE WARNING: Very random selection here! We’ve got books relating to malaria, stalking, slaves and finding love when you’re pregnant!

The Bedlam Stacks by Natasha Pulley

New setting, new main characters but some fantastic links to The Watchmaker of Filigree Street. Injured Merrick is sent to Peru on a risky mission – he must bring back cinchona cuttings, which will help fight Malaria. With the locals wanting to kill him, Merrick is lucky to befriend Raphael, the local priest. Raphael looks after the many markayuq (go google!) in Bedlam but his closeness to them seems to suggest something more. This was an intriguing and detailed plot, creating a world full of magic and possibilities. It’s a story to take your time with and reflect on.

The Night Visitor by Lucy Atkins

Suspense is in the air from the very first pages: Olivia is hiding something and Vivian knows the truth. The story unfolds and Vivian follows Olivia to France for a family holiday… but how far will Olivia go to punish Vivian, and what is she punishing her for? As the ladies become more unhinged, the plot deepens as the past begins to collide with the present. It’s a twisty spooky plot that gave off the vibe of a haunted house mystery.

How Not To Fall In Love, Actually by Catherine Bennetto

Emma has found herself pregnant to a man who can barely look after himself. Deciding it would be better off to face the world without him, Emma finds herself alone and very hormonal… so hormonal, in fact, that she ends up losing her job and unable to afford rent. With family on her side, this is a charming story of how Emma manages to pick herself back up and find love with the most unexpected guy. This was a light hearted chick lit which you could easily divulge in one sitting with a cup of tea and slice of cake!

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead.

*ok disclaimer (this does NOT count towards the 100 words!), I bought this book because I am obsessed with railways so seeing those two key words in the title meant I automatically picked it up without thinking! My fiancé then helpfully pointed out that perhaps I should have read the blurb…*

This tale tells the remarkable escape of Cora from a cotton plantation in Georgia and her determination to be free. In this book the ‘Underground Railroad’ is in a physical form, transporting Cora and her fellow escapee; Caesar, on a box-car across borders through long tunnels. But as Cora emerges on the other side, she realises she can never truly be free – slave catchers are roaming and rules dictate life no matter where you are. Adaptable to changing environments, Cora seeks out those she can trust. Heartbreaking and powerful, this book takes the reader on a compelling journey.

So there you have it, four very different books and four very short reviews. Have you read any of these? If you did, which did you enjoy and why?

Until next time, Chloé x






  1. Great reviews, as usual! Your reviews generally mean my To Read pile just gets taller…the 100 words ones are handy for a quick choice too! 😺💕📚


  2. I read Underground Railroad and was pulled into the adventure as they escaped via a literal underground train, and horrified by the fictional, true-to-history events that unfolded.


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