The Child – Mini Review

Emma is hiding secrets and her mother; Jude, lacks the maternal nature to comfort her daughter.

Kate is a journalist, hooked on finding the truth.

Angela lost her baby a long time ago.

When each of the ladies read an article in the Evening Standard titled ‘Baby’s Body Found’, each know that this story will change their lives.

Kate knows that with her contacts in the police, and her ability to get the locals to talk, she’ll be able to find out who the baby was… and more importantly, who the mother was.

This story was INCREDIBLE.

You think you know where the plot is going and then Barton sweeps it in a different direction. Suspicion is thrown in all directions and a number of seeds are planted throughout the book, but it was difficult to determine which seed would flourish and provide the truth.

A lot of the tale is told through Kate’s eyes and I felt she was the character that I related to most. Her passion and determination to solve the case came across through the text and empowered me. I also enjoyed the developing friendship with her new sidekick; Joe, which was most amusing – given the age gap and Joe’s inexperience in the field.

I think this book would be prefect for anyone who loves a good crime thriller or the psychological thriller genre. It’s got the right balance of building up the facts behind the case whilst also casting doubt – this was done effectively using the viewpoints of the other characters. From the very start you know Emma and Angela are connected to the baby… Just how?!

Any of my fellow bloggers read this beauty? Let me know your thoughts!

Until next time, Chloé x


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