The Perfect Girlfriend – Mini Review

Addictive is the first word that springs to my mind, to describe this plot. The sheer determination to get Nate to love her and be with her, makes Juliette’s obsession an intense read.

When Nate tells her it’s over, Juliette sees it as a ‘blip’ and creates a POA (Plan of Action) to get them back on track.

Joining the airline which Nate flies for, seems an obvious choice for Juliette. ‘Fate’ sees them flying together to Las Vegas for a night that changes their lives. You can’t force love… no matter how hard Juliette tries.

Juliette’s past continues to haunt her and leads her to find and befriend Miles. Being close to Miles, allows Juliette to do even more damage… but how far will she go?

By no means is Juliette going to be seen as a role model for readers, her psychotic behaviour makes for an interesting read but the sheer consequences of her actions are terrifying, especially towards the end of the book. What I found frustrating was the fact Juliette could have become a fantastic air stewardess, her earlier determination saw her reap the rewards in her career and it seems a shame that she wasn’t able to aim her fixation at something other than Nate.

The linkage to Juliette’s childhood made for a complex and well thought out plot. I can 100% recommend this book! I’m also itching to find out what happens to the characters after the last page…

It’s not out until March next year (don’t worry I will remind you again closer to the time) but it’s worth putting on your wish list now!

Thank you Becky for sending me an advanced copy to review, it really was a treat!

Until next time, Chloé x


    1. Let me know your thoughts! For me, it was the kind of book that was so good and so intense, I found it difficult to write a review on it! I was tempted to write a three word review ‘Just buy it’ !!

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