The Pearl Sister

I have just finished The Pearl Sister. Golly, it was good! I don’t know how Lucinda manages to pull plot after plot out her bag and they’re all so unique!

The Pearl Sister is the fourth in the series titled The Seven Sisters – which follow the stories of each sister finding their true heritage.

If you are a fan of the series, you’ll know that Star and CeCe are no longer as close as they used to be – now that Star has found herself a boyfriend and her biological mother. It’s now CeCe’s turn to delve into her family history.

A photo leads CeCe to Australia; with a pit stop on the way in Thailand, where she meets a man who she finally clicks with. Ace is a man with secrets, but even though he hides his true identity from CeCe… he does provide her with a new understanding of friendship and helps her piece together some clues linking to Australia.

And then… my favourite thing happened…. we went back in history and joined a relative. I find stories that flick back to the past, transport my mind in a way that present-based books just can’t. I completely and utterly switch off from the world around me and absorb myself in a time period so unlike the one I live in!

Kitty has been sent to Australia to accompany an older, richer lady from her hometown in Scotland. She finds herself in a situation where two brothers are in love with her and she must pick one to marry. She does and the story follows her marriage, her son and the life she creates in Broome whilst dealing with some emotional and unlucky events.

Flicking back and forth from the present, we are able to understand how CeCe is related to this incredible lady…. and it’s not a simple guess!

What I find remarkable about these stories is how powerful and strong the female characters are. Each sister displays many qualities which make them fantastic role models. I was particularly moved by CeCe’s determination to help Ace and her thoughtfulness when it came to her latest lover.

Riley crafts stories that are memorable and unique. The detail and maturity reflected in her writing style shines through the pages. This is a series that you can fully immerse yourself in and grow very fond of the characters. I can’t wait to hear what happens with Tiggy next…

The Pearl Sister is out on 2nd November – less than a month away!

I can’t thank Olivia enough for arranging for a copy to be sent to me early – I’m a very lucky girl!

Until next time, Chloé x

See where it all began…. The Seven Sisters

P.S. Apologies all for the state of the book in the photo, it’s a beefy book and it took some bashing being carried around everywhere I went!



      1. Me too! All four in the series have had me on google multiple times. It’s incredible how much fact has been woven into these fictional stories. Also love how it makes me look even smarter because I can bring up even more random facts in conversation now 🤣


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