The Keeper of Lost Things – Mini Review

When Anthony leaves the house to Laura, she has no idea that he will task her with returning all of the lost items he has picked up over the years. Anthony began collecting items that had been left in parks, streets and even trains, after he lost a very special item which had been presented to him by the love of his life – Therese.


A parallel story occurs in this book which surrounds the woman who found Anthony’s lost item. Eunice works for Bomber in publishing. I was intrigued to find out when the two stories would collide.


For every lost item that Anthony picks up, there is a tale of how the item became lost – I found these short tales to be my favourite aspect of the book.


To help Laura return the lost items, her young neighbour; Sunshine, is on hand to help. Sunshine has a gift which the adults seem to have overlooked. When the house begins to be haunted by Therese, Sunshine understands what must be done to make everyone happy.


I thought this was a sweet and unusual tale but unfortunately it just didn’t tickle my fancy. I’ve tried to work out why and I’m left a bit puzzled. The plot is unique and had potential. The characters were well thought out and each individual. I can’t find any large faults in the writing style. I question if it was the pace of the plot? It wasn’t particularly fast but nevertheless it wasn’t too slow for the specific genre. Hmmm. I’m stumped. Let’s blame it on the reader!


Until next time, Chloé x



  1. I’ll have to give it a go as the plot sounds good…your reviews are accurate too..might just be a Marmite book…😺💕


    1. Oh that’s a lovely compliment, thanks Samantha! If you do read it, let me know your thoughts! A lot of good reviews out there for this book so I think it must have been just me!


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