A Song For Tomorrow – Mini Review

At first this feels like a standard chick lit… boy meets girl… it’s love at first sight. But this story has so much more to offer.

Alice has cystic fibrosis which means every day life is not as simple as it looks. When Tom enters her life, love fills her heart and his caring nature to be there for her, made me swoon. It’s not an easy ride for them, and they hit some bumps along the road but crossroads keep bringing them back together.

This is not just a love story though, it’s about Alice’s dreams to become a singer. Her song lyrics are dotted throughout the book and her ability to turn a moment into such beautiful lyrics, is inspiring.

I think what makes this story so incredibly special is the fact it’s based on a true story, once I finished the book I couldn’t let Alice go, I wanted to find out more and so I ended up listening to her album on Spotify. I was incredibly emotional listening to the song lyrics. This book brought Alice alive for me and her music continues to do this everyday. What an inspiration!

Peterson’s writing style perfectly captured this story. The words enticed me from the very first page and I would definitely grab another book by her. I seem to be struggling to find the words to reflect my thoughts on this book and I must apologise for this. I think this book touched me in a way that has left me speechless/wordless. It truly is a very special read.

This was another book from a giveaway I won, for those of my bookworms that aren’t yet on twitter, why don’t you give it a go? It’s full of upcoming gossip on novels and there are plenty giveaways to enter! You can find me over at @dougieDV

Until next time, Chloé x


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