The Stolen Child – Mini Review

Zoe and Ollie adopted Evie as a baby after years of failing to get pregnant. Evie is loved from day one but it wasn’t the smoothest of starts. Evie’s biological mother was a drug addict which had implications on Evie’s health, and the after effects are still seen seven years on.

Ben is the miracle baby that Zoe and Ollie never expected, being his biological parents means he looks very alike them. It’s hard for Evie to not feel left out and as Ben celebrates his second birthday, Evie craves the attention he gets.

And it seems she gets this, in the form of secret presents. The scary part? They’re signed from her ‘real’ daddy – who promises to take her away from her fake family.

What made this such a page turner, was the fact I was determined Evie would be kidnapped, due to the title of the book so I was haunted by finding out what would happen in the plot.

Kay’s writing style has an intensity that grips you from the very first page. I was sucked into the detail and absorbed by the family dynamics.

Teachers, family friends and new acquaintances are suspected, as Zoe becomes obsessed with finding the truth – who is this person claiming to be Evie’s daddy.

There are enough plot twists to keep the reader guessing and I loved the fact the majority of this tale is told through the eyes of Zoe. Zoe’s personality was likeable and believable throughout. Balancing her career as an artist with being a full time mum is by no means an easy thing, and Ollie’s neglect towards her radiates through the pages.

The Stolen Child is out on 7 September and I look forward to discussing it with you all! Corvus very kindly sent me a copy early and I chose to wrap up my thoughts on the book in this review.

Until next time, Chloé x



  1. Yay, so great to hear you liked it so much! Me too, especially the number of suspects in this novel (no shortage here) and they were all real possibilities. I just couldn’t decide. I liked the surprising twist as well. Corvus really has great books 😉


  2. Exciting…going on the list!

    Have you tried Belinda Bauer? I’m reading “The Beautiful Dead” at the moment…worth a look. 😺💕📚


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