The Queen of Wishful Thinking – Mini Review

I am really enjoying the chick lit genre at the moment and after winning a lovely bunch of books from Sara-Jade (@BookMinxSJV) on twitter who works over at Simon & Schuster, I have a supply to keep me content over the summer!

The Queen of Wishful Thinking is a charming book packed full of determination, friendship and kindness.

Bonnie is in a doomed and boring marriage and she’s been trapped in it for years. If things weren’t already glum she’s unemployed after getting on the wrong side of her grumpy boss.

Meanwhile Lew has swapped his high fly city job to open up an antiques shop, something he has always wanted to do – having a heart attack made him reflect on what was really important… although his priorities seem different to his wife’s (Charlotte)!

Bonnie comes to work for Lew and things change for the better: the shop begins to make a profit, everybody loves Bonnie and Bonnie begins to daydream of the future. Can she leave her husband?

An entertaining read with a number of twists to keep you turning the pages! I particularly enjoyed the suspense which built up on why Bonnie couldn’t leave her husband.

My only ‘niggle’ was I thought the outcome of Charlotte and Lew’s relationship was predictable, especially around what the catalyst was. This was the only aspect of the book that I felt fell into the usual ‘chick lit check list’, which is often the reason why chick lit gets slagged off.

Bonnie was a strong main character, her determination to succeed was an inspiration and made me take away two important messages: never give up on a goal & lots of small successes turn into a big success – so start small and keep on going!

Until next time, Chloé x


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