All That She Can See

Pre warning: if you decide to buy this book, there is a high chance it will make you miss your train stop!

The above happened to me… twice. I managed to get sucked into this story more than I have with any other book in a while.

The plot is unique – Cherry can see bad feelings… I mean literally – she calls them meddlums. If a stranger walks past who has recently lost someone, Cherry can tell because grief will be beside them. Cherry knows what drags her friends down: depression, anger, impatience… you name it. And Cherry herself can’t get rid of her own ‘monster’ – loneliness, she has to hide her gift from the world.

Cherry uses her gift to her advantage and decides to bake positive feelings into cakes, cookies, eclairs, scones… you name it! Being able to shrink the meddlums for her friends gives her great satisfaction and when the feelings are balanced, she wonders what to do next…. Move somewhere else? And so, Cherry sets off to tour the country, settling into a town only long enough to balance people’s feelings before moving on to the next.

When Cherry settles in Plymouth for a while, it all starts going wrong. She discovers she isn’t the only one that can see meddlums – Chase can. Chase is the opposite of Cherry in the fact he can see people’s positive/good feelings, surprisingly this has made him bitter. Why? – Because Chase can see the happiness meddlum on bullies… he can see people radiate large meddlums of positive thoughts from bad people.

Chase is a bitter man and when he realises that Cherry has created a business out of her gift, he decides to play her at her own game. It doesn’t turn out well and a secret society for their kind is revealed.

This was a real spell-binding plot, I had no idea which way it would pan out. I definitely suggest it’s worth a read for those who like ‘feel good books’ or as the guardian have classed it – ‘up lit’

One of my favourite characteristics of Cherry was the fact she wore pyjamas all day, everyday – it didn’t matter if she was serving customers or out exploring the towns she baked at – her number one priority was to be comfy… I wish I had the guts to wear pjs to work!!! It’s one of my favourite perks of when I get to work from home, I also adore ‘dress down Fridays’ so I can wear my comfy jeans! What do you think about this? Do you feel that people should dress up for work?

This truly is a special book and I hope Carrie turns it into a series because I want to know what happens next to Cherry and Chase! Another major plus – it is perfect for all age groups 😃

Until next time, Chloé x



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